Living with Baron the Barn Owl

Baron the Barn Owl lives with us since December 2011 when he was only a month old. He's such a sweetie, a great companion and as you've guessed, he's very very smart!


Hello everyone! How are you all doing in this lovely weather?

Have I told you that when John came to live with us, his legs were almost numb?

But he is recovering, so Daddy took him out for a walk with me.

john walk 1

I think he liked the park.

We decided to take it a little further, so we walked on...

john walk 2

He seemed to be a little perplexed in the beginning...

john walk 3

but he gradually got used to the people walking by...

john walk 4

The weather's getting nicer and nicer, so I think there will be more opportunities to go out for a walk together.

I know we look good together!

I'll see you soon.



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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi, there. This is Baron.

Today I want to show you how John and I get along well.

"I like you."

hi 01

"I wanna get closer to you."

hi 02

"I wanna kiss youuuuuuu."

hi 03

I'm not sure whether John likes me or not...
this is what he looked like afterwards.

hi 04

Or is he simply too shy...? (I think he's sleeping...)

hi 05

John remains to be a mystery to me...

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

I know, I know, it's been a while...


22nd 01

Boo! Hi, it's me again, Baron!

22nd 02

I'm losing hair feathers and it's annoying me a bit.
So Daddy decided to let me wonder about the house.

Hi, John! wanna join me for a little adventure?

22nd 03


22nd 05

I guess he's not in the mood...

22nd 04

Well then, let me show you how John spends his day when he is in the mood.

So now you know that John isn't just a cuddly teddy bear-owl.

I'll come back soon with more pictures of us.

See you then,



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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi everyone!

Today I am very happy to let you know that the stray owl, who has been with us since 14th September, finally went back home.

It's been a month and his family, especially the 10-year-old sister, were extremely happy. They live in Fuchu, and apparently Bon-chan, who flew away from home, has been travelling quite a distance and that's why it took the family some time to find him.

A friend of the mother told her about my Daddy's blog a couple of days ago, and that's how Bon-chan and the family were reunited.



Thank you so much to everyone who was concerned about Bon-chan.

I'll see you soon,



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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi there! Long time no see!!!!!

I'm still losing a lot of feathers, so today I asked John to appear instead of me.



Hello! John!


Hey, why the long face?


Wow, wow, wow, show us your face, Johnny!


Hey John, do us a favour.

I heard you can do a headstand. Show it to us, please!


Everyone, please give him a big hand! Way to go, John!

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育