Living with Baron the Barn Owl

Baron the Barn Owl lives with us since December 2011 when he was only a month old. He's such a sweetie, a great companion and as you've guessed, he's very very smart!


Mummy's receiving quite a few emails about my getting sick from the heat.


Thank you for thinking about me...ever so kind of you all! (Bow)

summer 02

Daddy, Mummy and Big Sis have all taken good care of me,

summer 03

and I'm back to my old self again!

Well, of course, I do miss going outside...but it's still awfully hot out there.

summer 04

But I get to take a dip.

Daddy put in some ice cubes in my water pail, and I love the way they move around in water :)

Hope this video makes you feel nice and cool.

Kind regards,

If the video made you feel a bit cooler, let me know by clicking the button.
Thank you!

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Are you OK?
Hey, Baron. Your big brother, Menmen is here.
I have been worried about you because I heard you had suffered from summer heat. But now I relived to hear you are getting better.

Me? Oh, I’m OK this summer. For my goodness, my parents keep air condition on for 24 hours :-)
Indeed, motion sickness is more serious than summer heat for me as of now.

Anyway, take care!
2012/08/12(日) 10:51:32 | URL | Menmen #-[ 編集 ]
Yo, Big Bro!
Menmen, my dearest brother!

Thanks for caring about me, I'm good now. I don't know why, but I've go this huge appetite now! And my feathers keep falling out.

Are you getting car sick again? Or is it plane sick?

When you're feeling better with the car, I think we should get together soon!

Let's ask our Daddies for a brotherly reunion!
2012/08/12(日) 14:37:05 | URL | Baronmum #Pl9preX6[ 編集 ]
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