Living with Baron the Barn Owl

Baron the Barn Owl lives with us since December 2011 when he was only a month old. He's such a sweetie, a great companion and as you've guessed, he's very very smart!


I hear a huge typhoon is approaching the Kanto area.

So Mummy and Daddy took me for a long walk last night.

As for John...

walk 01

He's having some leg problems, so he can't join us for a long walk.

Poor thing...

But Daddy took him around the house this morning.

I think he loved it, because...

He's doing peek-a.....

walk 02


walk 03

And again...peek-a...

walk 02


walk 03

Get well soon, and all three of us
will stroll out into the night together!

So, have a good day, and beware of the typhoon!


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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi there, it's Baron.

Hope you haven't forgotton me—I know you're all crazy about John,

and I'm JEALOUS!

Baron 01

I know I'm better looking than him.

Yet, when it comes to his chirping...

I admit, he's quite irresistible!

I enjoy my new company, John.

By the way, Jimmy (the stray barn owl who stays with us—we gave him this new name)
is feeling comfortable, I think.

konoko 02

His owner hasn't called in yet, and it's been over 2 weeks...

Well, anyway, TGIF!
Have a good day today.


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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi everyone!

Four days have passed since John arrived at our house.

He sure knows how to make himself comfortable!

dog 01

(I can't believe he's not a dog...)

dog 03

Well, sometimes he looks like this.

He sure does look like a Great Grey Owl.

dog 02

He's huge, but he sometimes chirps.

Yes, he chirps like a baby chick.

I'll ask Mummy to post a video so you can hear his chirp.

(You won't believe what you'll hear.)

Stay tuned, and give John and I a click if you care,

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi everyone, this is Baron.

I'm happy to tell you that my friend from Miyako Island has finally arrived!

Arrival 01

Meet John Shaw, a great grey owl who is only
a year and three months old

(I think he is lying).

Arrival 02

He's exhausted from the flight.

Arrival 3

To be honest, I think I am better looking.
But John is also sweet in his own way.

I'll keep you posted as to how John adapts to his new home.



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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hello there!

My new friend seems to be comfortable in our house.

I'm glad, and so are Mummy and Daddy.


Well, this morning, everyone is really excited, because...

Okinawa 1

today will be the day that...
(a clue: the Okinawan sea)

someone is...

Okinawa 2

going to...

To be continued...

If you'd like to know more, please give me a click, and look forward to tomorrow!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Thank you for visiting this blog.

I'm sure you're all wondering whether the owner of the lost owl got in touch with us.

Well... not yet (as of 18th September, 22:00).

The police nor any district public health centers have contacted Daddy, meaning that no one is claiming a lost barn owl at this point in time.

konoko 01

So, if any of you happen to know anyone who has lost his or her owl and is in despair, please write a comment to this post or go to Daddy's website and send in a message.

konoko 02

He (we think he's a boy, maybe 3 or 4 years old) is fine, is eating well and is sleeping well.

konoko 03

But I'm sure he's waiting for his mummy or daddy.

We thank you for your continuous support,


テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育


This morning, Daddy received an email saying there was a stray barn owl found in Chofu.

So he brought back the poor creature home, fed him, notified the police and the authorities.

He wears a leg ring with numbers engraved on it, so there's no doubt he's a pet.

We hope the owner would contact us soon!

lost owl

He is in good shape.

Apparently there are no wounds; he was lucky he didn't get attacked by crows.

If any of you happen to know someone who has lost his or her barn owl (we think he may have been
missing for about two days), please
write a comment to this post.

We appreciate your support!



P.S. Daddy told me that a great grey owl will be arriving on Saturday—does that mean there will
be three owls in the house?

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Hi! It's been a while, did you miss me?

Daddy was away for the weekend so he couldn't take any pictures of me.

I missed you too!

missed 01

So today, I'm going to show you how I spend my day.

I don't sleep all day. I need some kissing.

I even need some massage.

It's not that bad staying at home—but I really hope I can go out for a walk soon!

I would really appreciate your click, thank you!


テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育


Mummy's busy again tonight.

coaster 01

She's working on her sewing machine.

She's making coasters.

coaster 02

Like this.

coaster 03

And this.

coaster 04

Why so many coasters?

coaster 05

I just can't figure it out—can you?

A click for me, please!


テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Today, Daddy woke me up while I was taking a nap.

glove 01

"Baron. Look!"

Daddy, what is it?

glove 02

"I have a new glove!"

glove 03

"This glove will keep you comfortable when we go for a walk. It's nice leather!"


glove 04

I guess...yeah.

glove 05

"OK, Baron, off we go!"

Wait, Daddy. I need to do a warm-up.

glove 06

So, how do you think the walk went?

If you think the glove made a comfortable walk, please click this button, thank you!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

"Baron, there's a nice breeze out there."

yeah 01

Are we going out!?

"Yes, but only for 40 minutes.

You can get tired easily quickly."

yeah 02

Oooooh, how I missed the night life☆

yeah 03

It was a really brief walk, but I loved it!

Care for a click?
Thank you!


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