Living with Baron the Barn Owl

Baron the Barn Owl lives with us since December 2011 when he was only a month old. He's such a sweetie, a great companion and as you've guessed, he's very very smart!


Ice in my pool!

aug 01

Thank you, Daddy! Yum, yum, yum...

aug 02

Oh, I can't resist!

aug 03

Let me catch my breath...

aug 04

Here I go again!

aug 05

And again...

aug 06

and again...

aug 08

Roll over Beethoven!

aug 09

I love the Beetles as much as I love Queen!

aug 10

Thanks for your click, YEAH!



テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Mummy, I hear a sound of drums.

Is there something going on?

awa-odori 01

Oh! That famous Awa-odori festival in Koenji!

awa-odori 02

I can dance, too. Watch!

awa-odori 03


awa-odori 04

Dancing fool, watching fool! Yeah!

awa-odori 05

The Koenji Awa-odori festival is held every year during the final weekend of August. This year it's from 4pm to 8pm, and tonight is the second and the last day of the show. It's been reported that some 500 thousand people come to see the festival—including many dance teams from Tokushima prefecture, the home of awa-odori.

awa-odori 06

Let's dance! And thank you for the click, too :)


テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi there!

Are you all managing this heat?

Maybe, partly because of the heat, I'm losing hair....or, my feather.

hair 01

The other day I lost this feather.

hair 02

This one is from my tummy.

hair 03

And this one, too.

hair 04

Do you think I'm getting bald?

Hope not! I still look like this, thank God.

hair 05

These days, I'm eating more than I used to, so hopefully my body's preparing to grow new feathers.

Please wish for me that I'll grow more feathers!
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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Today I'm at Daddy's Beak-Clipping Salon.

He's really good.

salon 01

(How does he manage to do these tedious work with fingers so big as his?)

I normally sleep upright, but his lap is so comfy...

salon 02

Can't resist taking a nap.

A nap on a lap...

salon 03

It rhymed!

For those of you who would like to watch a video of the clipping, here you are! It's rather long, so stick around if you have the time.

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Today, Daddy asked me a silly question.

D "Baron, can you sing?"

"Sorry, I didn't get that."

sing 01

D "I said, 'Can you sing?'"

"Of course! I am a bird, after all."

sing 02

"Listen. ♪♪♪~~~♪"

sing 03

D "Wow wow wow, You've got to tell me when you start."

"OK. Ready?"

sing 04

"Here I go again. ♪☆♪~~○♪~~◇♪"

sing 05

D "That's a song?"


sing 07

D "Sorry Baron, I meant, I want to listen more. Please?"


sing 08

I won't sing for Daddy any more! Humph!
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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

I'd like to tell you about my Mission Impossible today.

I slipped my leash off the hook and I escaped.

escape 01

So, this is where I normally am, and ...

This is how my leash is connected to the falconry block.

escape 03

And, with a little bit of magic....

escape 04

I did it.

escape 05

Those few hours of freedom were

quite unforgettable

wonderful 01

I'll do it again. I know I will...

wonderful 02

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi there! I still can't forget Bolt's supersonic 200m sprint.

Watch me!

On your marks... get set...

Olympics 01


Olympics 02

YES! YES! YES! Way to go!

the finish line!

marker 02


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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Mummy and Daddy always make coffee with beans they buy at Sawaya Coffee.

But he drank it all. It's empty. Shoot!
coffee 01

I have an idea!
marker 03

marker 04

marker 05

That was a bit embarrassing...
shying away

Well, anyway, here's the URL for Sawaya Coffee ↓

You have a good day!

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hello! Did you see the closing ceremony of the London Olympic Games 2012?

FREDDIE!!!!! (Whoops, I got carried away...)

Today, there's something I got to tell you.

But I'm not too sure whether I should say it or not...
smoking 01

I hope you don't take it too personally, but I really do care about you...
smoking 02

If you are smoking, PLEASE STOP!

smoking 03

Phew, that took a lot of courage. But I mean it.

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi there!
clipping 01

Oh, are you surprised? It's that nail clipping time again!
clipping 02

Daddy, light is in my eye...I know, I know, I'm doing my best and so are you!
nail clipping again

clipping 03

Ahhhhhhh. The water's so nice my tongue stuck out.

Can't see? It's that teeny-weeny red thing at the tip of my beak.
Sorry, no bad manners intended!

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi! I'm back! profile 0810 Yes, it's ME, Baron!

I've recovered, and the days are cooler. I REALLY missed going outside.

night 01

"Baron, shall we go for a walk?"

night 02

Daddy, did you say we're going for a WALK !?!?

night 03

The night owl is back!

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育


Mummy's receiving quite a few emails about my getting sick from the heat.


Thank you for thinking about me...ever so kind of you all! (Bow)

summer 02

Daddy, Mummy and Big Sis have all taken good care of me,

summer 03

and I'm back to my old self again!

Well, of course, I do miss going outside...but it's still awfully hot out there.

summer 04

But I get to take a dip.

Daddy put in some ice cubes in my water pail, and I love the way they move around in water :)

Hope this video makes you feel nice and cool.

Kind regards,

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

How are you all doing? Taking good care of yourself?

You better watch out, because I got a little sick from the heat.
heat 01

I was given less food than usual— that was to take it easy on my stomach.
heat 02

But now that I've almost fully recovered, I'm going to have FUN!
heat 03

My new toy! A blanket!!!
heat 04

Ooooooh! I love YOUUUUUUUU!
heat 05

I know how Linus must feel :)
I think he and I can talk all through the night about blankets.
heat 06

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi there! Are you all coping with this crazy heat? It's 34 degrees Celsius!

I can't go outside because it's too hot. I'm getting bored...

Hey, if I'm not mistaken...
4th 01

A sock!
4th 02

Uh-oh. Vanished. I was ready to grab it, but ...weird.
4th 03

What am I going to do with my left foot?
4th 04

I may as well groom myself.
4th 05

Weird...was it a hallucination?
4th 06

I'll take a dip and cool off.

If anything similar happens to you (like seeing a hallucination,)
just relax and take a shower!
4th 07

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Thank you, I love youuuuuu!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

I am so excited! Today I found a new toy. Guess what it is...

found it

...a MARKER!


Oh, you are so slippery...
pick you up

There! I'm so proud of myself!

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hello there!

Boy, the heat is on. I hope everyone is OK.

I'm...so-so, and so is everyone in the family.

Tonight, Daddy took me to Asagaya where they are preparing for a Tanabata festival.

angelic Baron

Ta-da! I hope I don't sound I'm bragging, but Daddy thinks I look like an angel :)

In the background you can see some fukinagashi, Tanabata ornaments.

They are giving this photo a nice magical effect.

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育