Living with Baron the Barn Owl

Baron the Barn Owl lives with us since December 2011 when he was only a month old. He's such a sweetie, a great companion and as you've guessed, he's very very smart!

Hi, it's Baron.

Can you believe today is the final day of July?!Time flies so fast—even for an owl.

There are many things in life that makes me very curious.

For example...these slippers. Why don't they turn into socks?
I'm very very curious...

Well, so much for these silly slippers.

I'm going to look for something more meaningful to me.

...no luck...I guess it's one of those days...

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Are you all well in this crazy heat?

I can't go outside during daytime because it's simply too hot.

I found a new way to amuse myself when there's nothing else to do...

I do a tango (on my own).

But eventually I get bored.
So I try to envision a glove on Daddy's hand...
a glove
A glove...a glove...put me on that cool-looking glove and take me outside...

for a WALK!

A few hours later...

Daddy reads my mind and so my wish was heard.
older camera

Here I am, the night owl! Oooooh, I missed the night life.

mirror, mirror

Thank you Daddy, for taking me out at the end of the day when you're already quite exhausted.

You're doing it for me. Thank you. I love you very much.

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi, it's me, Baron.
36 degrees Celsius! It's not even August and the whole country is boiling already!

Do I look like Batman?
Well, you see, I need some fresh air!

Isn't the air conditioner working?


Daddy, please fan me! I'm begging you!
I always do it to you, don't I?

Oh, you're bringing me some water! That's even better!!!


Aaaaaah! This is so WONDERFUL...
Just what I needed!

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Thank you!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

I'm MAD at Daddy, Mummy and Big Sis. They went on a helicopter ride and left me home.


They didn't take me with them. My heart's broke.


They were sooooo excited when they came back home.

They were up in the air for 15 minutes.

They flew 800 meters above ground at a speed of 200 km/hour.


I can't do that... they could have at least taken me with them so that I shared the experience...

But they didn't...

Please click this button to cheer me up....(sigh)

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

So, how was your weekend?
(I know it's a little late to ask, it's already Wednesday.)

I know, I know. I got carried away with my lovable sock.

mine 01

But in between my sock time, I did get hungry so Daddy fed me.

After I've eaten, I never forget to wipe off my beaks.

And Daddy finishes off with a Kleenex.

I'm a very well-mannered owl.

And after I've eaten...back with my dear sock again!

mine 02

You might think there isn't much going on in my life.

But I think it's these teeny-weeny tiny things in life that add up!

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テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

I feel so good tonight!

Yes, I did it!

An 8 meter free flight at night!

Daddy, Big Sis and Mummy were all thrilled and got very excited.

So they gave me more for dinner than usual :)

July yummy 001

Tastes great after a really good workout.

July yummy 002

Yum, yum, yum....

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi, it's me again, Baron.

Today, Daddy took my Big Sis and I for a drive around town.

wheels 02

I'm lucky I never get carsick.

Uh-oh. Starting to rain...?

wheels 01

Check out my exclusive, handmade owl-seat!

wheels 03

I know it's going to stop raining soon...because Big Sis is taking me out
for a walk.

(I think she wants to show me off!)

with Big Sis

As we were walking, about twelve people came up to us and we had some nice chats.

I wonder what she wrote in her diary today.

I hope something nice and sweet...


テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Good evening, have you made a wish tonight?

Today's new moon, and tonight is the night you should make a new wish...
you have a very good chance of making it come true.

night 01

I'm quite familiar with astrology, you see.

Do you know what I've wished for?


A sock.

But I haven't found it yet.

night 02

I've been looking everywhere and I still haven't found my sock...
I did wish strong enough, but do I have to wait until the weekend?


I just realised there's a tiny banner at the corner, below.


If I peck at it, do you think my sock would appear!?

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

It was a crazy summer day today, and the rainy season isn't even over yet!
Man, what's happening to this world!?

Well, Daddy took a good look at my face, and came to a chilling conclusion...


"Your beak has grown a little too much, I think I need to clip your beaks."

And now, this is how I look! Don't I look great?


Well, I admit, my beaks were starting to irritate me
because they got in my way when I tried to swallow food.

If you care to watch Daddy's finesse as a superdooper beak-clipper,
please take a look at this video.

I don't know what he does to me, but I am totally mesmerized!!!

By the way here's the clipped beak...

this is it

I think owls deserve to have beak fairies, just like human kids have
tooth fairies.

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi, I'm Baron.

Although I'm an owl, I don't "hoot" like many people think I do.

In fact, I'm quite silent. Very modest.

by the window

I'm also very well-mannered.

When Daddy is ready to take me out for a walk,
I gently ride on his hand, thanking him graciously with a loving
half-squeak, half-"shhhhhhhhhhh".

waiting 04

Here's a thirty-second video in which you can hear my voice.

See! I hardly disappoint peoples' expectations (well, sometimes, when I'm not in the mood...)

For those of you who thought I might be capable of doing some doggy tricks
like 'shake hands' or 'sit',

you should realise I can do much better than that,

flying 03

I FLY!!!!!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Yeah! It's the weekend again!

sock 01
Hey, could it be ... a sock?!

sock 03
Oh, my, goodness..... it IS a sock!!!!!

sock 04

sock 09
It's MINE!

sock 10
Get your hands off of MY sock!

sock 05
YES! Got it! Can't help smiling :D

sock 06
What a glorious weekend! (I just realised it's a three-day weekend in Japan.)

Since it's gonna be a long weekend, I'm gonna take it easy...
I'll take a nap with my dear sock.


テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hello. Mummy's been lazy.
She hasn't been writing about me for the past couple of days.


But I'm not going to blame her, 'cos I know that she's really really sleepy...


...just like I am.


I know how hard it is...


...trying to stay awake...


Yes, I know very well...


...just too well............zzzzzzz.........zzzzzzzzzzz................ZZZZZZZZ

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hello! Haven't seen me for a couple of days?

Guess where I've been... Here!

hide and seek

But I've also been...

about to take off


Tarzan Baron 1

With quite a bit of an exercise, I felt I needed to take a shower...

a shower

Noooooooo! Don't look at me!
And don't you dare think I look like
a soaking wet rat!!!!!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hydrangeas are one of the most cherished seasonal charms in
the rainy season of Japan.


Mummy thinks I look gorgeous against these lovely hydrangeas,
and I'm a little flattered. (I'm a very decent owl.)


But I also enjoy the night life, as I'm supposedly a creature of the night!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

There's one thing I go nuts about, and that's about ... a sock.
I guess its one of those instincts...I have GOT TO HAVE IT once I see it!

sock 1
Hey! A sock! Haven't seen it in a week!
(Daddy doesn't let me play with it so often because he thinks I get too aggressive :-( )

sock 2

sock 3
I'm gonna try again...

sock 4
Oooops! Missed again!

sock 5
This time I'm gonna get it right!

sock 6

sock 7
Don't you dare take it away from me!

sock 8
Oh, how I missed youuuuuuu!

sock 9

I'm so HAPPY. I can play with it for hours!!!

A great treat for a weekend :-D

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hello! I'm Baron.

Ever since I joined the family, it seems like owly things are increasing in the house.

Like this Baroko (a girl barn owl which my mummy named.)
This was daddy's birthday present for mummy.

Mummy also found this Tshirt from MUJI.
MUJI Tshirt
"Once you develop an owl antenna, it gets hard not to notice anything owly" says mummy.

Schmankerl Stube
This morning they found out that daddy's favourite German-style sausage shop used an owl for its symbol.

Mummy's friend gave her a kitchen cloth which she found while taking a walk outside the Tsukiji fish market.

The owner of Sawaya Coffee Beans, the store which mumy always gets her
coffee beans, gave her this bean bag printed in Papua New Guinea!


There are many cool owl stuffs in the house, but I know mummy thinks
I'm the MOST handsome owl in the world!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Did you notice last night was full moon?

I did, because I got WILD!

before the seesaw 2

Around full moon, I can't help being territorial.

before the seesaw 3

This is MY place!

before the seesaw 3


tangled up

I don't even remember how I ended up being a dingle-dangle Baron.

before the seesaw 1

I guess I'm a wild thing after all!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi, I'm Baron. Today I had a really good workout.

You've been thinking I sleep all day, don't you? Well, you're wrong!!!

eating anklet?

Sometimes I'm so hungry I could even eat my anklet.
(Well, at least I've tried...)

And that's exactly when my daddy takes me out to do a 10m free flight.


I'm so desperate for food I fly straight on to my daddy's glove.
(I hope you don't think I'm bragging...I'm rather decent for an owl...)

By the way, daddy feeds me only once a day. I think I deserve some snacks
so I'll start talking in my mummy or my big sis.

Wish me luck! :)

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz.... Oh? ... Hi there ... I was dozing ...


I don't look like the owl that you know? Well, daddy calls me a 百面相
... that I can make a hundred different facial expressions.

Mostly I look like this. Beady eyes... :-)
Mummy tells me I'm VERY handsome.


I get most excited when daddy takes off the lead and lets me fly to come get food!




Now that I'm full, I'm going back to sleep.

Can't help it, I'm supposed to be nocturnal.

on one foot

Sweet dreams!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hi, I'm Baron. It's getting rather humid in Tokyo...the muggy rainy season. So I'm taking a dip.


By the way, today I'm going to show off how well I can turn my head around. That's because my mum is always asked by her friend, "Can owls turn their head?" Some even say, "You know, like you see in the film Poltergeist!?"
(I think they mean The Exorcist.) Well, anyway...




And again!


Oooops, I have to go. But if you have some more time, care to watch my video to see the movement of my head?


(By the way, my other specialty is standing on one foot.)

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育

Hello! and thank you all for visiting my blog to see how well Baron is doing. I've finally started this blog in English after
hearing quite a few comments regarding my husband's blog..."Is it in English?"

So, apart from my own entries I will be incorporating my husband's photos of Baron as he is the main caretaker and a
much better photographer than I am.
Baron with PC

As of today, Baron is almost 8 months old, weighs 301g when he is hungry and 354g when he is full. He loves to eat
quails which my husband defrosts and chops them into tiny pieces. We feed him like this, one or twice a day, as it
reminds him that he is a pet (after all) and more so a companion to us.
Baronb eing fed

By the way, this fluffy Baron's photo was taken in January when he was still 2 months old. When he joined our family he
looked like this!

I 'll keep you posted with how Baron enjoys his days living with us in Tokyo!

テーマ:我が家のメンフクロウ、バロンが英語でつづる日記です - ジャンル:学校・教育